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Plexus adhesives are powerful tools to help build the next generation of truck trailers. Quieter, faster, and stronger than mechanical fasteners, Plexus adhesives provide benefits in both the factory and showroom floor.  Plexus adhesives save costs in time & material, all while making the assembly area quieter & cleaner.  Product designers will have the ability to freely use mixed materials (including dissimilar metals and composites) and include design options not possible with mechanical fasteners. The end results are lighter, more durable and leak-free trailers.


  • Fast room temperature cure
  • Excellent environmental resistance
  • Superior fatigue resistance
  • Primer-less adhesion
  • High strength and high elongation
  • Thixotropic


  • Enable lower mass materials
  • Reduce cost of assembly
  • Improve durability via stress distribution and higher fatigue resistance
  • Enable the use of mixed materials
  • Reduce leak potential

Improve Throughput!

Optimize your assembly process and production throughput with Plexus Adhesives!