Sign and display manufacturers will take on many different projects over the course of time. They have to work with different materials, designs and requirements. Fortunately, Plexus® adhesives are formulated to bond most materials found in sign fabrication. Next generation Plexus adhesives have a simple 1:1 ratio, low odor and are exceptionally easy to use.

Exceptional environmental resistance and the ability to bond & seal at the same time, lets manufacturers bond with confidence using Plexus adhesives. If circuit boards need a next level of protection, Insulcast potting compounds provide multiple lines of defense against the elements.


  • Primerless adhesion to metals, plastics and composites
  • Cross bond plastic to metal
  • Easy to apply and non-sag
  • Cures tack free, easily sanded
  • Low exotherm and low shrink formulas available
  • Multiple colors available


  • Enables design freedom with multiple materials
  • Fast and simple assembly process
  • Clean aesthetics
  • Confidence in long term environmental resistance