Wear & Abrasion

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Devcon® abrasion-resistant wearing compounds protect industrial equipment from abrasion damage with the innovative silicon carbide or alumina ceramic beads additions.

Brushable Ceramic White
Low-viscosity, alumina-filled epoxy for smooth protective barriers against wear, abrasion, and chemical attack.
Devcon Carbide Putty
Silicon carbide-filled epoxy putty for economical protection against wear and abrasion.
Devcon ComboWear FC (Fast Cure)
High-tech, three-component compound for quickly repairing processing equipment.
Devcon Concave Sealer
A thixotropic adhesive made to fill voids between Concave liners allowing you to pour crusher backing within 10-minutes after application. The adhesive is non-sag on a vertical surface and able to bond to any metal surface.
Devcon DFense Blok™
DFense Blok™ is a revolutionary wear and abrasion protection epoxy.
Devcon DFense Blok™ Quick Patch
The only ceramic bead-filled wear & abrasion epoxy formulated for emergency repairs, even in severe conditions.
Devcon DFense Blok™ Surface Wetting Agent
DFense Blok™ Surface Wetting Agent is a thixotropic epoxy gel system that improves the ease of application and cured adhesion properties of DFense Blok™.
Devcon DFense Blok™ Fast Cure (FC)
A faster curing version of the revolutionary wear and abrasion protection epoxy compound DFense Blok™. Formulated to significantly outlast traditional wear and abrasion products while getting equipment back in service in 2 hours.
Devcon HV Tile Adhesive
High-strength, trowelable adhesive compound designed for bonding ceramic tile to vertical, curved and overhead surfaces, as well as repairing broken ceramic tiles.
Devcon High Performance Backing Compound
High-strength epoxy liquid for use in rod, ball, pebble, and autogenous mills.
Devcon Tile Adhesive
High-strength, room temperature-curing, trowelable adhesive compound.
Devcon Wear Guard™ High Impact
High density micro alumina ceramic beaded-filled epoxy system with a flexible additive for superior impact and abrasion resistance.
Devcon Wear Guard™ Fine Load
Micro-high-alumina, high-density epoxy system for equipment protection.
Devcon Wear Guard™ Ultra
Alumina ceramic bead-filled epoxy system with outstanding abrasion resistance for severe service conditions.
Devcon Wear Guard™ High Temp
High-temperature and high-density epoxy system for maximum wear resistance in processing equipment.
Devcon Wear Guard™ High Load
High-alumina, epoxy system for outstanding abrasion resistance in processing equipment.