ambulance blue adhesive

Specialty & emergency vehicle manufacturers turn to Plexus brand adhesives for the right blend of strength, ease of use and clean aesthetics. Known for being extremely tough – even in crash environments – Plexus adhesives provide the high strength and elongation these vehicles require. Assembly workers appreciate how easy Plexus adhesives are to use; its clean, fast application and that it does not sag on vertical posts. The finished vehicles are clean, sleek, strong & durable.


  • Fast room temperature cure
  • Excellent environmental resistance
  • Superior fatigue resistance
  • Primer-less adhesion
  • High strength and high elongation
  • Thixotropic


  • Enable lower mass materials
  • Reduce cost of assembly
  • Improve durability via stress distribution and higher fatigue resistance
  • Enable the use of mixed materials
  • Reduce leak potential

Improve Throughput!

Optimize your assembly process and production throughput with Plexus Adhesives!