Devcon® DFense Blok® Repairs and Protects Cyclone Pipe Elbow at Aggregate Facility


At an aggregate processing plant, the inlet cyclone is used to slow down the flow of raw materials into the equipment and remove large rock. Handling a large volume of materials, the pipe elbow began to face high impact and sliding abrasion. As a result of not only the continual abrasive wear, but the corrosive liquids from the process, the pipes began to develop pinholes and leakage. These pipes needed to be repaired or replaced frequently, leading to high maintenance costs and prolonged shutdown.


The customer selected the proven and highly durable Devcon DFense Blok industrial strength epoxy coating to repair & protect the inside of the pipe elbow. 

  • The pipe was removed from the top of the inlet cyclone, and all debris previously causing abrasive wear was removed. 
  • The inside of the pipe was grit blasted to white metal in order to rid the surface of rust or any other contamination which could interfere with adhesion to the coating. 
  • The inside of the pipe elbow experiencing the highest amount of wear was seamlessly coated with Devcon DFense Blok. 

The equipment was then left to cure for a short period of only 5 hours, allowing for the pipe elbow to promptly be put back to use.

Cyclone pipes repaired with Devcon DFense Blok
Cyclone pipes
Worn pinhole leaks
Worn pinhole leaks
Pipe elbow coated with Devcon DFense Blok
Pipe elbow coated with Devcon DFense Blok

Project Outcome

Long-Term Protection

The Devcon industrial strength epoxy coating was applied to withstand the severe corrosive and abrasive conditions of the plant processes. Devcon DFense Blok held up to the abrasive environment where frequent high impact and wear from sliding raw materials would normally cause severe damage. As a result, formation of pinholes was minimized and leaks prevented with Devcon DFense Blok high performance coatings. The coated pipes were successfully returned to service.